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PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic material belonging to the polyester family. Beside its visual advantages (gloss, high transparency) PET as material offers the major benefit of lightness, stability and impact resistance. In addition PET has good barrier properties (gas/odour/carbon dioxide/oxygen).
PET does not contain harmful bisphenol A. Despite its name “polyethylene terephthalate” PET jars and bottles do not contain any plasticizer in the form of phthalates.

Recycled PET

An environmentally-friendly alternative to “virgin PET” is the so-called r-PET, which is made from used PET jars and bottles. When using recycled PET several energyintensive steps in the production process can be skipped and CO2 emissions could be avoided. Furthermore, scarce resources will be protected.
GIZEH PET utilises food safe recycled material, which can be used in all areas. For our customers we have already used r-PET in different dosages (also up to 100 %) for both transparent and coloured jars and bottles. Consistency in quality and colouration is guaranteed, because r-PET has the same features as new material. Also containers in recycled PET can be recycled again.