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March 2017

Bright prospects for PET packaging: Metallic appearance and structural effect

In the fashion sector shining metallic surfaces are quite the rage. Cardboard boxes and labels are increasingly showing their gleaming side. Now also PET packaging is able to score at the Point of Sale with very shiny metallic finish!

With the use of new metallic effect pigments GIZEH PET GmbH opens unlimited design possibilities for PET packaging. Whether bottles or jars, the metal optic lights up all shapes and colours. The effect assures optimum spreading in the material and shows no streaking or film build-up at all. Thus every color used in injection stretch blow moulding can be refined.

Another trend in the world of packaging is the desire for individualization. Here again, GIZEH PET GmbH can offer new design possibilities by processing colour components with a different melting point.
Lids, for example: marble and pearl effects, wood, rust appearance, or different colour gradients create unique items. Each closure is unique, you won´t find it a second time. This technology provides an almost limitless variety by combining components and different dosages of individual colours.