/// Sustainability

As an internationally active company we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, as well as society and the environment. This responsibility explicitly encompasses sustainable management.

At GIZEH a great emphasis is laid on environmental protection and a sustainable energy policy.

Our introduction of energy management based on the standard ofDIN EN ISO 50001, which is valid throughout Europe, guarantees a continuous advancement of our energy efficiency and systematic improvement of energy flows.

GIZEH is thus providing a management process for identifying and measuring potential savings and has launched a considerable number of actions to optimize the energy performance (energy recovery, energy saving, reusable packaging, weight optimization, grinding and reuse of plastic residue and so on).

Furthermore, GIZEH is engaged in various environmental management projects at the individual sites. For example in Bergneustadt: A large area of coniferous forest that was severely damaged by storms has been replanted with deciduous trees.

For example in Elsterwerda: A photovoltaic system with an output of 80 kWp has been installed on the roof of the factory. This converts sunlight into electricity which is then fed into the local network.

The system is highly effective due to the favorable climatic conditions of its location. See for yourself:

Solarlog Elsterwerda

We continue to examine the processing of renewable raw materials, such as bio-plastics, which can then be composted and will play an increasingly important role in future.

Occupational safety and security, concepts for further training, the promotion of young talent and health care for our employees demonstrate our commitment in the social area.